Sunday, March 30, 2008

WC-Weekend Drawing Event- March 21 2008

This week Stoney hosted .... after a few days that the whole site was down he saved the day and his images were up on Saturday!!!!

Images Here

I did three references.... portrait,puppy and sky image!!
So good to be back!!!! Wouldn't be a weekend without WDE and WC!!!!
Thanks Stoney for hosting.....saved the day!!! Weekend!!!! Week!!!!

A light pencil portrait [hb mechanical] on Canson A4 90grm sketch pad I enhanced abit so you could see it. about 50 min...

Crayon sketch, neocolor II ,of the puppy... 1.5Hrs Canson 90grm sketch pad A4

Graphite sketch, Canson 90gram A4 sketch pad... about an hour... put a bit of color with crayons... didn't really work

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