Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Painting Class February 10 2008

I found a nice image of Mount Moosilauke in NH and since there was permission to use for non-commercial purposes decided to give it a try. This is the 2.5 hour mark... WIP[work in progress]. Hope to get it to pull together better. Working in oil pastels on canson mocha pastel paper...

Link to reference image.

WC- Weekend Drawing Event February 8 2008

Great images Joel.... would have loved to try some of portraits but alas not my very strong point.... but did give a try of the snow dog....
HB/2B/4B pencils
Medium weight sketch pad Grumbacher
6"x7" about an hour.

Wanted to try more but guess it won't happen.... Really want to work at leaning people portraits....

Painting Class February 1 2008

Abandoned silo in Canada. Found this interesting image on Dorothy's forum... Al Mierau showed us some great shot that he made in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada. He gave me permission to use his "Time exposure at night" to use as a reference for a painting.
Abandoned Silo

Here is my oil pastel version on mocha pastel paper!!!

WC- Weekend Drawing Event February 1 2008

Great group of references Chaos!!!! All done in my medium weight Grumbacher sketch pad.

Lily done in soft pastels.... 20 min sketch...5"x5" ...looks a bit brighter here!!

Foliage also a quick 20 min sketch done with watercolor crayons and added water to them ..7"x 5 1/2" didn't turn out so good!!!

The birds 15-20 min a piece also watercolor crayon... no water here!!!! 11"x8"

The doves...about 1 hr 15 minutes.... also watercolor crayons 9"x7"

Tried to be COLORFUL!!! The Challenge!!!

WC- Weekend Drawing Event January 25 2008

This weekend I chose to do a symmetrical photo manipulation for the butterfly image and for the challenge which was to draw/paint from your imagination a place to retreat to for relaxing.

Autumm.... morning ...frost in the air.... a quite mountain path.... sounds of rustling leaves... footsteps and the trickle of water ....when I think of a place to relax my mind goes here....to the time I climbed Mount Moosilauke in NH with my daughter....
Lyra watercolor crayons... that I applied water to places... also did some crayon dipping... stopped because it was getting muddy..... doesn't really look relaxing.... first time using these crayons... birthday gift....9.5"x7" 165gr Rembrandt drawing pad.... did a bit of photoshopping.... blurring... original is much more vivid ....the photo before the blur is even better than original ... in the spirit of WDE...Saw,after, a great photo of a path on the mountain site now that isrelaxing. I really have to try and develop the painting from imagination.... Thanks Dominic for this exercise...