Saturday, October 25, 2008


Haven't posted my entries in the weekend drawing events... Some I didn't even post on the forum... The site was down for almost a month and the summer heat took its toll on my creativity as well.
Here are a few since last May...

Newest entries are first scroll down for earlier works

October 24th
Host Cyndi

Tonal Mountains
A graphite sketch Challenge image

Two pen and pastel sketches

Oct 17
3 minute sketches

Notan style sketch with black marker

Crayon sketch

Oct 10
pen challenge do quick pen sketches with open frame

Combine two images challenge.... used PS digital combination

Challenge combining images... Used turtle image with a stock image of pond with leaves... 3 variations... first the fish were a bit out of water.. second added more water... third added the boots at the bottom

Sept 26
Mountains Caran D'ache neocolor I wax crayons

Crayon sketches


Sept 12
Poppies Water color crayons... black white and grey

Sept 5
Crocus watercolor crayons

Raven 2B/4B pencils

Aug 29
Seaweed challenge... paint in style of Valri host
Water color crayons with water

Miles water color crayon sketch---a bit of finger smudging and dry brush.

July 8th
Cornflowers on plastic paint box Challenge was to use a "different" format not paper/canvas etc.... I used my plastic paint box...

Sweetface painted upside down

July 4th
Poppy on black background crayons

Boat crayons

Garden crayons with added medium

WDE June 13
Maggie three variations



Sunflower Variations

Pen Sketch

Crayon Sketch

A photo montage

Pencil Sketch WDE-May 23

Pencil Sketch Weekly Drawing Thread on WetCanvas Week of May 4th
Each week a new image is given for a reference.

More LVS Exercises

Some more painting exercises

I have finished the course.... it really came at a bad time.. the month of all the High Holidays....and to top it off the holidays came in the middle of the week so it was holiday etc...
All in all I enjoyed the course... there were some disappointments:

I was the only one to post on the board
It was geared to acrylic paints and not for oils... I knew this from the beginning and asked before taking if I could use oils and although she answered yes she hadn't much experience with oils and really couldn't help much.
Aside from technical problems...oils vs acrylic I missed some real criticism and feedback was slim.

I didn't do all the exercises so here are a few more....

Weather trying to get rain and mist!!! Not too successful!!!

Trees and tree barks


Water and rocks

Although I didn't succeed in getting all the effects I did learn a lot ... wet on wet is difficult and working on relatively small formats let me experiment and therefore learn more. One thing that I did learn was not to be afraid... the paints won't come up and bite!!!