Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Weekend Drawing Events-- December 07

WDE December 21

Digital painting over the original photo changing the squirrel into a Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland for the weekend challenge.

Mottled effect on the background was done by lowering the opacity to let the original photo background peek through!!

WDE December 14

Weekend Drawing Events are posted every Friday by different hosts who put up 16 of their photos to be used as reference sources.. We are to download the images and choose our media and work for a limit of 2 hrs. If the work isn't finished we can post it as a WIP work in progress. This weekend I posted quite late, in fact a few hours before the new images will be posted for the December 21st event.

First a quick digital sketch less than an hour.

The second on a small piece of black photo board done with oil pastels,OP for short.
I still have a lot of work to learn the techniques of this media. it was my third try and I still not happy with the result. Did this in about 1 and half hours.

WDE December 7

Still life in sketch book graphite and pencil.

Weekend Drawing Events-- November 07

WDE November 30 2007

Hosting by Angie ...Challenge was to work in ATC Format (Artist Trading Card)
2.5" x 3.5".....First time working in that small of a format.

Cat was done in oil crayons, Josie was a pencil sketch, Butterfly was an attempt using cutouts from magazines plus crayons.

WDE November 23 2007

Hosted by Connie.... challenge was to try to paint in her bold and colorful technique.

My cat was a complete disaster but I may try her technique another time!!!

Also did a pencil portrait.

WDE November 16 2007

Gourd..5.5"x8" sketch pad. First done with watercolor crayons limited colors... painted [smeared would be a better term]with some water and then did some more crayon work with my oil crayons... also about an hour.

Welcome Statue 8"x11" Pencils Grumbacher medium weight sketch pad.

WDE November 11

Quick sketches done in sketch pad using Caran D'ache oil/wax crayons

WDE November 2

I was attracted by the bird images and decided this weekend to do some digital warm up sketches first and then decide which one I would complete traditionaly using my new set of Caran D'ache oil/wax crayons.

Here are two that I did traditionally.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Weekend Drawing Events-- October 07

WDE 26th October
Click on images for larger version

Pencil sketch

Started this in Jerusalem from a B&W printout... It was very similar to another entry as being almost spooky.. I hope to finish this graphite sketch.

Banana Heart Digital pastels

Houses in a row done with water color crayons

Halloween Challenge Digital drawing and painting

WDE 19th October
Digital cat sketch

Digital painting

Digital crayon sketch

WDE 5th October

Images from Alaska
River bank done in digital crayons

Floral a smudge manipulation

Weekend Drawing Events-- September 07

Some of the entries for WDE for the month of September

WDE 28 September 2007

Photo manipulation using PS and the smudge tool. Added paper texture.

Some digital sketches

WDE 21 September 2007

Digital Sketch

Sunflower Oil Pastel on colored paper

WDE 14th September 2007

Oil Pastels on colored paper

Weekend Drawing Events-- August 07

This was the first month that I started taking part in WDE at Wet Canvas.
Work posted from last weekend to first.

WDE August 31 2007

Blacked eyed Susan's done with soft Faber Castel pastels
A real MESS!!

Digital drawing.

WDE August 24 2007

Kitten drawn with grey pencil on black background.

Digital drawing using crayons... did not post this image

WDE August 17 2007

Digital drawing using digital colored pencils.. added paper background for texture

WDE August 10 2007

The challenge was fusion.. so I did two digital manipulations using the reference sources of a hand with bracelet and galaxy image. Both done using Photoshop.

Also did a few digital sketches here is just one.

WDE August 3rd 2007

This was the first attempt at these events.... rather lurking at the sidelines .... didn't publish these on the Wet Canvas site. Both were done digitally working in Photoshop.

Unfinished fox head

Summer Flowers

Friday, December 21, 2007

Jumping In

WetCanvas I first discovered WC for reference images in February 2005.... but took me quite a while to really appreciate the scope of this site. Since the beginning of August 2007 I have been taken part in their WDE,weekend drawing event, trying to get back to traditional drawing and painting. This is where the Jumping In comes in..... In this blog I will put up some of the work I have been doing... both traditionally and digitally, mainly for myself as an online dairy of the progress I am making. So it will here that I will be posting some of mywork .. some good and some not so good....all in the process of learning

A bit of background

Graduated from RISD quite a long time ago... during the years I didn't use the art training that I received there. Found it difficult to juggle running a home,children and work. Also I sort of brainwashed myself into thinking that mywork wasn't that good so what's the point.

However in 2002, on a visit to the states, my late brother,Eugene, introduced me to photoshop elements and my journey in digital photography and manipulations started. I now have a full version of PS plus on my third camera, a Canon S60, and enjoy taking pictures and working with them on PS. I joined a great forum at myjanee
Did lots of her tutorials,took part in many challenges (even won some trophies), took part in few book study groups.

At one point I took some course in digital painting and photography courses at LVS and did lots of courses (free) at HP learning center. Learning computer skills and working digitally has been a lot of fun, especially with a great Wacum graphic tablet, which by the way I got when my sister decided she wanted a new and smaller version, but I still feel the need of traditional methods. So here I am jumping in or perhaps DIVING would be a better description.