Friday, December 21, 2007

Jumping In

WetCanvas I first discovered WC for reference images in February 2005.... but took me quite a while to really appreciate the scope of this site. Since the beginning of August 2007 I have been taken part in their WDE,weekend drawing event, trying to get back to traditional drawing and painting. This is where the Jumping In comes in..... In this blog I will put up some of the work I have been doing... both traditionally and digitally, mainly for myself as an online dairy of the progress I am making. So it will here that I will be posting some of mywork .. some good and some not so good....all in the process of learning

A bit of background

Graduated from RISD quite a long time ago... during the years I didn't use the art training that I received there. Found it difficult to juggle running a home,children and work. Also I sort of brainwashed myself into thinking that mywork wasn't that good so what's the point.

However in 2002, on a visit to the states, my late brother,Eugene, introduced me to photoshop elements and my journey in digital photography and manipulations started. I now have a full version of PS plus on my third camera, a Canon S60, and enjoy taking pictures and working with them on PS. I joined a great forum at myjanee
Did lots of her tutorials,took part in many challenges (even won some trophies), took part in few book study groups.

At one point I took some course in digital painting and photography courses at LVS and did lots of courses (free) at HP learning center. Learning computer skills and working digitally has been a lot of fun, especially with a great Wacum graphic tablet, which by the way I got when my sister decided she wanted a new and smaller version, but I still feel the need of traditional methods. So here I am jumping in or perhaps DIVING would be a better description.


Beverly said...

Being a person who can't draw a straight line with a ruler, I am truly impressed with your work. I especially like your animal portraits -- I think they are wonderful. I am full of awe.


Joanne said...

Carol, just had to leave a comment! I love it all...your sketching, both real and digital, is so good! Among my favorites are your gulls.

I enjoyed looking and need to let everyone know!