Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Weekend Drawing Events-- November 07

WDE November 30 2007

Hosting by Angie ...Challenge was to work in ATC Format (Artist Trading Card)
2.5" x 3.5".....First time working in that small of a format.

Cat was done in oil crayons, Josie was a pencil sketch, Butterfly was an attempt using cutouts from magazines plus crayons.

WDE November 23 2007

Hosted by Connie.... challenge was to try to paint in her bold and colorful technique.

My cat was a complete disaster but I may try her technique another time!!!

Also did a pencil portrait.

WDE November 16 2007

Gourd..5.5"x8" sketch pad. First done with watercolor crayons limited colors... painted [smeared would be a better term]with some water and then did some more crayon work with my oil crayons... also about an hour.

Welcome Statue 8"x11" Pencils Grumbacher medium weight sketch pad.

WDE November 11

Quick sketches done in sketch pad using Caran D'ache oil/wax crayons

WDE November 2

I was attracted by the bird images and decided this weekend to do some digital warm up sketches first and then decide which one I would complete traditionaly using my new set of Caran D'ache oil/wax crayons.

Here are two that I did traditionally.

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