Sunday, March 30, 2008

Painting Class March 30 2008

At last finished.... I have to let it work on me to decide whether I like it or not!!!

Next week starts a new project!!!!

WC-Weekend Drawing Event- March 28 2008

This weekend a great tour of Suz-lyn's ranch in Eastern Montana...Great Images Here !
Sue gave us the challenge to work one reference in 2 mediums!!!

First I chose the reference of Sue's Dad for my portrait practice.

Done in graphite in A4 Canson sketch pad.

The meadow lark was done in a fast 15 min pen sketch and a crayon painting.

Also couldn't resist the Kelpie pup... another quick 15 minute pencil sketch.

Painting Class March 23 2008

To see previous versions see post of 16th March

Here I started to work on the flowers and some of the background.

The photo is not a very good representation....not happy with the background or the flowers.... hope to finish next week!!!!

WC-Weekend Drawing Event- March 21 2008

This week Stoney hosted .... after a few days that the whole site was down he saved the day and his images were up on Saturday!!!!

Images Here

I did three references.... portrait,puppy and sky image!!
So good to be back!!!! Wouldn't be a weekend without WDE and WC!!!!
Thanks Stoney for hosting.....saved the day!!! Weekend!!!! Week!!!!

A light pencil portrait [hb mechanical] on Canson A4 90grm sketch pad I enhanced abit so you could see it. about 50 min...

Crayon sketch, neocolor II ,of the puppy... 1.5Hrs Canson 90grm sketch pad A4

Graphite sketch, Canson 90gram A4 sketch pad... about an hour... put a bit of color with crayons... didn't really work

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Painting Class March 16 2008

Last week I started my first, at least to my knowledge,oil painting.last week's post
This week I continued to work on it... really felt that I am swimming in deep water... and not always in control. I have to learn how the paints inter-react.. What each brush can/will do... how to get the tones I want. A lot of trial and error... Dov points us in the direction... and lets us go.....

Reminder of the painting at its first stage.

Started working on the background greens and earth tones and then worked in some of the reds of the flowers.

This is the third stage after adding the second color of flowers and more greens. I feel utterly out of depth... not really in control....

I like the way the flowers are coming but the background is much too busy and I will have to think of a way to unify it. Don't know if I will have the nerve to work at it at home....

Drawing-Sketching-Weekly Event

WetCanvas is a very HUGE site catering to all types of art. Each media has its own forum with lots of learning threads and challenges, plus a place to show recent works. Up till now my comfy zone has been the WDE Weekly Drawing Events. The folks there are so encouraging and helpful and thanks to those events I have found a great deal of creative motivation. I also am able to learn about different approaches and various media.

I have been lurking around the Drawing and Sketching forum and decided to take part in their weekly drawing events.... I have been doing a few with out posting on the site but last week decided to post. The challenge was drawing clouds. Four reference images were put up. Here is my rendition using graphite pencils.
Weekly drawing March 3-9

CAROL LEE: What I see here that is so satisfying is the elements of relationship. How the evergreens on the left relate to the lighter valued trees on the right, and then the layers of light and mid tone in the sky...we get a great sense of depth!
A comment from one of the moderators!!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

WC-Weekend Drawing Event- March 14-2008

This weekend Rohit from India is the host. Great images but so far I have only done a few quick portrait sketches... that is my personal challenge each week.... and also did a crayon painting that didn't turn out the way I wanted.... did some experimenting with under painting in complimentary colors.... but with crayons didn't seen to work well.
The reference images are HERE

Faces of India


WC- Weekend Drawing Event March 7 2008

The weekend Valri Ary is hosting the event and the images can be found HERE

Lots of shots from sunny Florida and Mexico plus her dog Matt that passed away recently and some interesting birds.....her challenge was to try to sketch with our non-dominant hand..... in my case my left....My personal challenge is to do portraits and get a reasonable likeness....

Sketching with my left hand was really difficult but challenging.... will have to try this exercise again!!!!

Here are the portraits: I am getting better with the likenesses but need more practice practice practice so every weekend I will try the various faces that are posted....all were done in my 5x8 inch cheapie sketch book,15 minutes,using just an HB pencil.

Painting Class March 2 and March 9

March 2

I decided that I have to start painting... with a brush.... hadn't bought my oils but had a few bottles of liquid acrylic paint and decided to start with those.
Dov set up a nice still life with a copper teapot and transparent jug, plus bananas,clemintina, and a mug... on a draped cloth..... well it was one big disaster.. didn't even take a picture of it.... so far its safe hidden away in my closet.... before it goes in the trash.

March 9

All set with my new oils and canvas 50x70 cm .... thought I would be doing the still life but Dov gave me a print out of Calanits (Anemone) and other wildflowers that he took just yesterday....I was a bit stressed... I feel more confident with a pencil than with a brush....guess that's why I like pastels and crayons.... well nothing else to do but to jump in...

This is just the ground paints... worked in Ochre/brown/white.... next week we'll start with the colors!!!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

WC- Weekend Drawing Event February 29 2008

This weekend's host is Chloe...and the images can be found here !

Chloe challenged us to use just two tones and work in darks and light values.
The dog is done on 165 gram drawing paper using watercolor crayons... used yellow ochre and a blue that I don't know the name of because the paper wrapping is long gone!!! Also used black and white for toning....

I will also do the portraits, although I may not post on the forum but will post them here on the blog...

Painting Class February 24 2008

I am really getting interesting in the ability to do some portraits and get a reasonable likeness... its all in the proportions and I have been doing exercises form the book Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards...and from the web... wouldn't it be great to do my grandchildren s's portraits!!!! Well first I want to do my mother.... and in the background some motives from one of her paintings The Japanese Lady.....started to work on a sketch using oil pastel pencils... not the greatest likeness... so I will have to really improve... I worked on white bristol paper ... took this image before going home.... then I took the eraser and tried to fix some of the features... got down to the paper it self... anyway here's my first trial... plus the reference images....

This is one of the earlier image I have of my mother... think this might have been a high school image making her about 18.

Here is a photo of her painting... very bad.... this used to hang in my grandfather's den... its about 2x1 meters ....It now hangs in Yael's apartment and its hard to get a shot because of low light

Now my version... need to work on the tilt of the head plus features... its JUST a start!!!! an idea!!!

I think I will place her lower so there will be more room on the top ...

WC- Weekend Drawing Event February 22 2008

WDE February 22
This weekend event was hosted by firehorse_australia... Stacy
Reference Images

Thanks Stacy for the great pictures and a little about Ipswich!!!!Looks like a nice city/town you have there.... and a lovely nature center. Stacy challenged us to do some fast 10-15 minute sketches.

Did a few sketches of some of your landscapes.... very hard I must say for fast sketching.... more like scribbles... did them digitally.... I may try some more on my sketch pad... each about 10 min last one 20min[bottom right]

Here is my crayon rendition of Erin... she seems to be this weeks favorite! Sorry I made her a bit older... I know the reason... PROPORTIONS!!!! her eye should be much lower.... done on regular a4 computer paper..... thought I would transfer it to better paper.... used 3 colors yellow/rose red/and turquoise in the palette.....took about an hour!!!

Painting Class February 17 2008

This week I decided to try some figures. My daughter Naomi wanted to paint some nudes and bought two canvases 50x70 cm......which she has now passed on to me.... Dov gave me a few pictures to use as references. First I chose the wrong paper to work on for oil pastels... it was too smooth... and the pastels didn't blend .... also the ear is in the wrong place... in this image and when I tried to fix it it was even worse so I covered the whole ear with black hair..... haven't taken a shot of it... but you can use your imagination....size is 35x50 cm

WC- Weekend Drawing Event February 15 2008

Spooky,Neil Crook,from UK hosted the event this weekend... references can be found here

Thanks Spooky for the great images.... took you up on the challenge doing a portrait in charcoal and a landscape in Pastel pencils .....

Challenge-pastel pencils + landscape
Derwent soft pastel pencils[ bought by mistake...].
7"x9.5" 165gram Rembrandt drawing pad
About and hour and half..... this morning rubbed out much that I did the evening before and redid parts so I added more time....any suggestions will be welcome!!!!

Challenge portraits [have to improve] and charcoal... what was I thinking!!!! I must have done some in my past because I found these and they were used....
Grumbacher 8.5"x11" medium weight 50lb
a fast sketch about 20 minutes maybe less..