Saturday, March 1, 2008

WC- Weekend Drawing Event February 22 2008

WDE February 22
This weekend event was hosted by firehorse_australia... Stacy
Reference Images

Thanks Stacy for the great pictures and a little about Ipswich!!!!Looks like a nice city/town you have there.... and a lovely nature center. Stacy challenged us to do some fast 10-15 minute sketches.

Did a few sketches of some of your landscapes.... very hard I must say for fast sketching.... more like scribbles... did them digitally.... I may try some more on my sketch pad... each about 10 min last one 20min[bottom right]

Here is my crayon rendition of Erin... she seems to be this weeks favorite! Sorry I made her a bit older... I know the reason... PROPORTIONS!!!! her eye should be much lower.... done on regular a4 computer paper..... thought I would transfer it to better paper.... used 3 colors yellow/rose red/and turquoise in the palette.....took about an hour!!!

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