Saturday, March 1, 2008

WC- Weekend Drawing Event February 15 2008

Spooky,Neil Crook,from UK hosted the event this weekend... references can be found here

Thanks Spooky for the great images.... took you up on the challenge doing a portrait in charcoal and a landscape in Pastel pencils .....

Challenge-pastel pencils + landscape
Derwent soft pastel pencils[ bought by mistake...].
7"x9.5" 165gram Rembrandt drawing pad
About and hour and half..... this morning rubbed out much that I did the evening before and redid parts so I added more time....any suggestions will be welcome!!!!

Challenge portraits [have to improve] and charcoal... what was I thinking!!!! I must have done some in my past because I found these and they were used....
Grumbacher 8.5"x11" medium weight 50lb
a fast sketch about 20 minutes maybe less..

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