Friday, May 29, 2009

From B&W to Color

Here is my entry for week 35-36 on DSFDF!
Karin posted a beautiful Pennsylvania landscape in B&W. Challenge was to break away from the conventional and as Karin said "invent the colors based on what information you have."

This is a crayon sketch using Caran d'Arch Neocolor I wax-oil crayons
Black photo stock paper A4 [11.75"x8.25"]

Thursday, May 28, 2009

WDE May 22 2009

This past weekend challenge was hosted by Jean Aka Jakesgram I chose 3 of her references: the tree trunks, Mandeville flower, and the urban scene of the Petit Casino.


Graphite done in my small Zap sketchpad


Lyra watercolor crayons on black photo A4 stock paper This is a work in progress!!WIP

Petit Casino
This is also a WIP... bit off more than I can chew with this reference.... but will stick it out and finish the job!!!

Oils on canvas pad 11.5x8.125" Did some sketching over the underpainting with my oil crayons and will continue in oils...

Sunlit Path

Done in oils on canvas pad 11.5x8.125. This was done for WDE challenge of April 24th 2009 hosted by dupliKate on WC.
Here is the reference.

Catch Me if You Can

This is another seascape done in oils on canvas pad 11.5x8.125". The reference photo was taken by my daughter of my grandson and son-law at the beach. I fell in love with the spontaneity of the scene. Painting figures and especially those you know is quite want to at least get some likeness but also keep the work from being too overworked. This photo is not the finished piece.... I forgot to photograph the finished one before I gave it to my daughter. Will add it later...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Beach Scenes

I really liked doing the beach scene for DSFDF so decided to do a few more. Found this scene on wetcanvas by Yorky's Beach and promenade at Lyme Regis, Dorset ...

Done in oils on canvas pad 11.5x8.25 inches

click image for larger view

Wet Canvas WDE April 24 Hosted by dupliKate Bruce at little cove

Done in oils on canvas pad 11.5x8.25 inches

click image for larger view