Monday, March 30, 2009

Beach People

This was done for the Different Strokes for Different Folks bi-weekly challenge. Reference image can be found here. It was a double challenge for me because I wanted to learn more about wet on wet techniques. Up till now my oils have been more or less done by layers. I like to work in a more spontaneous way so I will have to find my way between the two different methods.

Took a print of the reference image that I cropped and changed a bit to my art class where I seem to have more confidence. Done on a canvas pad 11.75"x8"

From carol - mywork

Really have to work on figures... drawing and painting!!!!


Norma Vaughn said...

Very nice Carol. Everyone has their own version of it and it's interesting to see what people can do with one scene. You're always your own worst critic.

Caroled said...

Thanks Norma... I know I am my worst critic!!! Am trying a new seascape and want to throw it AWAY??? I won't!!!