Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wet Canvas -Drawing Event July 17 2009

Thanks Robert for the great group of images... I know you asked for COLOR but thought of doing some sketches and it has been ages since I used my Wacum tablet so started to do the references in B&W patterns... maybe that is Kosher for the pattern challenge.....horses are way out of my comfort zone as are portraits... Sascha looks a bit older..

These were all done free hand on the computer using one pencil called "vin pencil" that I got from the web pencil a few years back. Pencil width 4 px at 70% opacity... on 300dpi image. Each was done on its own layer. each took about 20 -to one hour.... didn't keep track on each one.... really wanted to get them ALL done... I really had a great time with these and realized that I should use this tool more in planning traditional works. My only drawback with digital is that its NOT hard copy.... and you really need a good printer to get quality prints... so it just sits on the computer....

Wet Canvas -Drawing Event July 10 2009

Great images Sandy... really fell in love with those trees!!!
Did two versions because the first didn't like the sky background....
190 gsm watercolor 21x14.8cm
Watercolor crayons mixed... Caran d'ache + Lyra
Each about an hour +

Friday, July 24, 2009

WetCanvas -Drawing Event July 3 2009

Great images this week Jean!!! Thanks for hosting!!!
Did the hills and cone-flower.
Both done on A5 watercolor [14.5x20 cm]pad 190gsm
Watercolor crayons
1 hour each

The cone flower was done without water but used a blending stick. After taking the picture I feel the upper right petals should be much lighter.... to go back and try to lift some off with water???? I will let it rest for a few days!!!Leave ell enough alone.!!!

The hills was done with some water and more crayon layers... sorry about the sky... I felt it was much too yellow so carefully lifted it off ... but its still buckling and some paper got lifted as well... will put it under some heavy books...this was a fix I HAD to do!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Boater on Lake Michigan

DSFDF Challenge for week 39-40 hosted by Karin Jurick.

This was a real challenge for me...couldn't get the figure done properly... this was third attempt. The boat is off..and left oar is crooked... 20x15 cm canvas using Caran D'Ache Neocolor I oil/wax crayons.. with added medium and a little oil pencil.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wet Canvas -Drawing Event June 26 2009

WDE on WetCanvas June 26 2009 Hosted by Gail aka RubyRedDog.

Thanks Gail for the wonderful opportunity to visit Tibet!!! Was fancinated by the folds of the red fabric of the Monk against the mottled foliage. I do wish I could learn to work a bit slower....maybe I could get more control over the crayons and water.

20x14.8 cm 190gsm watercolor paper
Time: 1hour+
Watercolor crayons

With #1 I felt I had put too much crayons and it was a bit heavy so tried to lift some off with water and paper toweling....UGH!!! so I gave it a real bath... and tried to re-do....Should have left well enough alone!!!!

#2 after the bath, dried and pressed under heavy books... about another 3/4 of an hour...I like the background but that's all... All in the spirt of WDE!!!

Monk #3 Did a redo from suggestions I received of the faded #2 Next time I will learn to leave well enough alone!!!

Wet Canvas -Drawing Event

WDE on WetCanvas June 19 2009 hosted by Kay aka KreativK

Yellow Cactus

Hollyhocks 1

Hollyhocks 2

All were done on 14.8x21 cm A5 190gsm watercolor pad
Hollyhocks were done about 1 hour +
Yellow catus was started but didn't like the results so soaked most off and tried again after it dried....less than an hour....I liked the dark and light patterns the cactus made but painting didn't turn out the way I planned...

WetCanvas -Drawing Event June12 2009

WDE on WetCanvas Hosted by Dewi My Lotus does not do justice to your gorgeous bloom! Reference images can be seen here

Things were turning into MUD so I figured it was time to STOP!!! Sorry some loose some!!!
Size: A5 20x14.5cm 190grm watercolor paper
Time: About 1 1/2 hr
Medium: watercolor crayons

WetCanvas -Drawing Events June 5 2009

WDE on WetCanvas

Found a nice inexpensive watercolor pad to use with my watercolor crayons. I feel I must get to grips with the crayons and water. Only way to learn is to DO! Mixed feeling about this... still have MUCH to learn .
Size: 21x14.5 cm A5
Time about 1:30 hrs
Medium: Lyra watercolor crayons + water