Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wet Canvas -Drawing Event June 26 2009

WDE on WetCanvas June 26 2009 Hosted by Gail aka RubyRedDog.

Thanks Gail for the wonderful opportunity to visit Tibet!!! Was fancinated by the folds of the red fabric of the Monk against the mottled foliage. I do wish I could learn to work a bit slower....maybe I could get more control over the crayons and water.

20x14.8 cm 190gsm watercolor paper
Time: 1hour+
Watercolor crayons

With #1 I felt I had put too much crayons and it was a bit heavy so tried to lift some off with water and paper toweling....UGH!!! so I gave it a real bath... and tried to re-do....Should have left well enough alone!!!!

#2 after the bath, dried and pressed under heavy books... about another 3/4 of an hour...I like the background but that's all... All in the spirt of WDE!!!

Monk #3 Did a redo from suggestions I received of the faded #2 Next time I will learn to leave well enough alone!!!

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