Friday, July 24, 2009

WetCanvas -Drawing Event July 3 2009

Great images this week Jean!!! Thanks for hosting!!!
Did the hills and cone-flower.
Both done on A5 watercolor [14.5x20 cm]pad 190gsm
Watercolor crayons
1 hour each

The cone flower was done without water but used a blending stick. After taking the picture I feel the upper right petals should be much lighter.... to go back and try to lift some off with water???? I will let it rest for a few days!!!Leave ell enough alone.!!!

The hills was done with some water and more crayon layers... sorry about the sky... I felt it was much too yellow so carefully lifted it off ... but its still buckling and some paper got lifted as well... will put it under some heavy books...this was a fix I HAD to do!!!

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