Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wet Canvas -Drawing Event July 17 2009

Thanks Robert for the great group of images... I know you asked for COLOR but thought of doing some sketches and it has been ages since I used my Wacum tablet so started to do the references in B&W patterns... maybe that is Kosher for the pattern challenge.....horses are way out of my comfort zone as are portraits... Sascha looks a bit older..

These were all done free hand on the computer using one pencil called "vin pencil" that I got from the web pencil a few years back. Pencil width 4 px at 70% opacity... on 300dpi image. Each was done on its own layer. each took about 20 -to one hour.... didn't keep track on each one.... really wanted to get them ALL done... I really had a great time with these and realized that I should use this tool more in planning traditional works. My only drawback with digital is that its NOT hard copy.... and you really need a good printer to get quality prints... so it just sits on the computer....

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dotcombs said...

Carol...your work is so good. Makes me want to start drawing again.