Monday, January 28, 2008

Painting Class January 27

Found a great art shop in central Jerusalem and bought several sheets of Canson 160gr mocha paper. Also found some open stock OP's bought a few more colors... new sketch book..and set of pastel pencils... which are more for oft pastel then oil pastels.

I wanted to print out,color print from my very inexpensive printer... but after many tries with no success just took the B&W print.....later found that the color cartridge dried out... because I had default print only B&W.... lesson use it till its gone and then decide to buy another....

Didn't remember the exact colors so most of what was beyond the window was imagination.
Painted using OP on mocha canson paper 165gr.

I may do a bit of tweaking to fix the window frame,try to fade out the orange leaves and add some ,more to the foliage.... After looking at the original reference I saw the there were no leaves on the upper tree, just branches, and orange I remembered was in the foliage in the bottom.

I will have to find a way to make a quick colored sketch to work from for class with out having to run to the printers.... another good exercise....I especially want to work in class on the WDE images which are shown only on Friday so can't get any printed in time for Sunday morning class..... printers are closed on Shabbat [Saturday]

Back to School-Painting Class

Well I guess this is the obvious step after dipping into the WDE's and getting back to traditional painting and sketching.... Yael and Naomi gave me an unusual birthday gift this year... a painting class.. Ruth, she gave me a great set of watercolor crayons, takes a beading course at the Yahud Community Center and suggested I check out the painting class offered there. When I heard they worked mainly in oils I almost panicked out....The instructor is an Israeli Artist,Dov Segev and I will be able to work in my OP's [oil pastels].His site I know the site is in Hebrew but to click on the image no Hebrew needed. !!!So maybe I will graduate to oils at one point... but I like the feel of the pastels and think they are a good transition from sketching and drawing with a pencil to painting with the pastels. So off to another path in my artistic journey.

Started my first class on Jan 20th. Dov put on my table an old kerosene lamp to draw. He wanted to see what I know and don't know. He showed me how to use a paper stump to do the shading... already learner new techniques...
Here is the drawing.

After that he gave me a photo from a magazine and I did a color sketch using my OP's and some of Dov's nice pastel pencils. I later bought a set but the wrong kind... soft pastels... will have to look for the right kind for more detail work....

Wrote out a list of stuff to buy for the next lesson... special colored paper...

Digital Painting 2005

I took several course at LVS, 2 for digital photography and 2 for digital painting. Here is a group I did in 2005 for the second course in digital painting! You need flash to see this pictobrowser!!! If this doesn't work here is the link to my set...paintings

Sunday, January 27, 2008

WC- Weekend Drawing Event January 18 2008

First I did the challenge sketching a few references on one page of my 8"x11" sketch pad.

Then I took one of the sketches and cropped it out in Photoshop ...printed it and transferred the sketch to 165gr watercolor sketch pad. I used my new Lyra watercolor crayons and added water to several parts. These crayons have a different consistency then Caran d'ache Neocolor II , but sadly haven't been able to get a full set of these here. Will have to get used to these!!!

WC Weekend Drawing Event January 11 2008

Following in the footsteps of a few WC weekenders to do quick warm up sketches of all the references... here are just a few I did this weekend... these are 10 minutes, more or less!!!

WC-Weekend Drawing Event- January 4 2008

Did a digital line sketch of the peppers.. a cropped version and printed it out and started fiddling with some soft pastels... this is the result... on regular printing stock paper.... I now know how to transfer it to better paper using a window as my light source....Rule...Always use best materials!!!!!

I also did a pencil sketch of the river scene.... Need to really work on my tone contrasts...