Monday, January 28, 2008

Painting Class January 27

Found a great art shop in central Jerusalem and bought several sheets of Canson 160gr mocha paper. Also found some open stock OP's bought a few more colors... new sketch book..and set of pastel pencils... which are more for oft pastel then oil pastels.

I wanted to print out,color print from my very inexpensive printer... but after many tries with no success just took the B&W print.....later found that the color cartridge dried out... because I had default print only B&W.... lesson use it till its gone and then decide to buy another....

Didn't remember the exact colors so most of what was beyond the window was imagination.
Painted using OP on mocha canson paper 165gr.

I may do a bit of tweaking to fix the window frame,try to fade out the orange leaves and add some ,more to the foliage.... After looking at the original reference I saw the there were no leaves on the upper tree, just branches, and orange I remembered was in the foliage in the bottom.

I will have to find a way to make a quick colored sketch to work from for class with out having to run to the printers.... another good exercise....I especially want to work in class on the WDE images which are shown only on Friday so can't get any printed in time for Sunday morning class..... printers are closed on Shabbat [Saturday]

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