Thursday, December 11, 2008

Virtual Sketch Date

This is my first entry on Virtual Sketch Date.. a monthly challenge..Each month a new reference image is posted and all are invited to paint,draw or sketch. We post our entry on our blog and submit the link.. This month's snow scene can be seen here....

Thank you Rose,Jeanette and Stacy for this wonderful platform. I am sure it will help me on my creative journey and allow me to share my work.

This was done on Canson 160grm coffee paper using Neocolor I crayons {Caran D'Ache)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

WDE - December 6 - Wetcanvas

This week Dewi hosted the weekly drawing Event at WetCanvas. I chose the yellow Hibiscus. Done on Canson 160grm paper using Neocolor I crayons.

About Painting Monthly Project

Decided to try About Painting monthly challenge. I am always looking for some new challenge to help stimulate my creative journey. I hope to continue with WDE's on Wet Canvas but have decided to spread my wings a bit. My previous post I posted my first entry in Karin Jurick' blog.

This month's challenge is a portrait of a chair. This past Saturday we had a family picnic in Gan Yehoshua and set up a chair portrait for a reference for this challenge.

This is about 12.75" x 10" Canson paper... using Caran D'Ache Neocolor I crayons.

I think I should have made a tighter crop on the chair and less of the scene. It may be rejected on that basis...but I did have fun doing this and am at last getting more familiar with these crayons.

PS... Just received the rejection notice.... may try for a closer crop...!!!!

I took a better photograph today outside... the previous one was done inside with low light on a tripod. I also worked in the sky to deepen the color.

Picnic Chair

click to enlarge

Different Strokes ---Challenge

Well I guess it took me more than a weekend to start on this challenge. Different Strokes from Different Folks is a blog that Karin Jurick has set up where she posts a reference image once a week or bi-weekly. I am glad that I found this new place to post my work and further develop my artist skills.

This bi-weekly challenge reference was a rugged well used pair of boots. This was done on coffee colored Canson paper using Neocolor I crayon by Caran D'Ache.

This photo was taken in doors under low light using a tripod... I took a new one today under natural light outside...what a difference a little sun can make!

Working Boots

click for larger image