Sunday, March 16, 2008

Drawing-Sketching-Weekly Event

WetCanvas is a very HUGE site catering to all types of art. Each media has its own forum with lots of learning threads and challenges, plus a place to show recent works. Up till now my comfy zone has been the WDE Weekly Drawing Events. The folks there are so encouraging and helpful and thanks to those events I have found a great deal of creative motivation. I also am able to learn about different approaches and various media.

I have been lurking around the Drawing and Sketching forum and decided to take part in their weekly drawing events.... I have been doing a few with out posting on the site but last week decided to post. The challenge was drawing clouds. Four reference images were put up. Here is my rendition using graphite pencils.
Weekly drawing March 3-9

CAROL LEE: What I see here that is so satisfying is the elements of relationship. How the evergreens on the left relate to the lighter valued trees on the right, and then the layers of light and mid tone in the sky...we get a great sense of depth!
A comment from one of the moderators!!!!

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