Sunday, March 9, 2008

Painting Class March 2 and March 9

March 2

I decided that I have to start painting... with a brush.... hadn't bought my oils but had a few bottles of liquid acrylic paint and decided to start with those.
Dov set up a nice still life with a copper teapot and transparent jug, plus bananas,clemintina, and a mug... on a draped cloth..... well it was one big disaster.. didn't even take a picture of it.... so far its safe hidden away in my closet.... before it goes in the trash.

March 9

All set with my new oils and canvas 50x70 cm .... thought I would be doing the still life but Dov gave me a print out of Calanits (Anemone) and other wildflowers that he took just yesterday....I was a bit stressed... I feel more confident with a pencil than with a brush....guess that's why I like pastels and crayons.... well nothing else to do but to jump in...

This is just the ground paints... worked in Ochre/brown/white.... next week we'll start with the colors!!!!!

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