Saturday, March 1, 2008

Painting Class February 24 2008

I am really getting interesting in the ability to do some portraits and get a reasonable likeness... its all in the proportions and I have been doing exercises form the book Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards...and from the web... wouldn't it be great to do my grandchildren s's portraits!!!! Well first I want to do my mother.... and in the background some motives from one of her paintings The Japanese Lady.....started to work on a sketch using oil pastel pencils... not the greatest likeness... so I will have to really improve... I worked on white bristol paper ... took this image before going home.... then I took the eraser and tried to fix some of the features... got down to the paper it self... anyway here's my first trial... plus the reference images....

This is one of the earlier image I have of my mother... think this might have been a high school image making her about 18.

Here is a photo of her painting... very bad.... this used to hang in my grandfather's den... its about 2x1 meters ....It now hangs in Yael's apartment and its hard to get a shot because of low light

Now my version... need to work on the tilt of the head plus features... its JUST a start!!!! an idea!!!

I think I will place her lower so there will be more room on the top ...

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