Monday, December 24, 2007

Weekend Drawing Events-- August 07

This was the first month that I started taking part in WDE at Wet Canvas.
Work posted from last weekend to first.

WDE August 31 2007

Blacked eyed Susan's done with soft Faber Castel pastels
A real MESS!!

Digital drawing.

WDE August 24 2007

Kitten drawn with grey pencil on black background.

Digital drawing using crayons... did not post this image

WDE August 17 2007

Digital drawing using digital colored pencils.. added paper background for texture

WDE August 10 2007

The challenge was fusion.. so I did two digital manipulations using the reference sources of a hand with bracelet and galaxy image. Both done using Photoshop.

Also did a few digital sketches here is just one.

WDE August 3rd 2007

This was the first attempt at these events.... rather lurking at the sidelines .... didn't publish these on the Wet Canvas site. Both were done digitally working in Photoshop.

Unfinished fox head

Summer Flowers

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