Saturday, October 25, 2008

More LVS Exercises

Some more painting exercises

I have finished the course.... it really came at a bad time.. the month of all the High Holidays....and to top it off the holidays came in the middle of the week so it was holiday etc...
All in all I enjoyed the course... there were some disappointments:

I was the only one to post on the board
It was geared to acrylic paints and not for oils... I knew this from the beginning and asked before taking if I could use oils and although she answered yes she hadn't much experience with oils and really couldn't help much.
Aside from technical problems...oils vs acrylic I missed some real criticism and feedback was slim.

I didn't do all the exercises so here are a few more....

Weather trying to get rain and mist!!! Not too successful!!!

Trees and tree barks


Water and rocks

Although I didn't succeed in getting all the effects I did learn a lot ... wet on wet is difficult and working on relatively small formats let me experiment and therefore learn more. One thing that I did learn was not to be afraid... the paints won't come up and bite!!!

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