Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life Class ---- A first after a LONG time

This past Tuesday I was invited by my former art instructor, Dov, to join his evening class because  he had book a model for a life class.  I haven't done sketching from a live model since I left art school ..about a million years ago, so that although I knew I would be very tired with my art workshop in the morning and my Petanque game in the late afternoon I felt I couldn't miss this opportunity.
The model was due to arrive at 7:00PM so we first did some warm ups taking turns being the sitter,

Here are the results. All done on newsprint 50x70 cm using brown charcoal stick.

I was quite pleased with the results after such a long time.... I didn't do any measurements during the sketching  time ... concentrated more on catching the pose and filling the page so now looking I find some lack of proportions... rather smallish heads and larger bodies.....My favorite is the last one although I had a problem with the fore handed arm... either she moved or I moved my eye view.... probably the later.  Really had a good time and hope they have another session soon.

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