Sunday, November 14, 2010

Getting Back to Photoshop

Since I have been putting most of my creative juices into traditional methods,painting and sketching, my photoshop skills have really gone down..... hard to imagine after doing 2 books by Katrin Eismann with an online study-group, but there it is... what you don't do you seem to forget.
Please notice on the right side of the blog a little button to a free e-course fro elements and higher photoshop programs.  I am doing round 2 but you can pre-register for round 3 which will start December 6th. This has been a great boost for me and I am really enjoying getting back to some digital work.  I hope some of this will be integrated in my traditional work.... Not going to post images but here is a link to some of the stuff  skinny-mini  Not much there but have dig into my photo library for stuff to work with. Did use a traditional sketch in the manipulation process....just to see what happens.... love to work with textures and have always been a bit afraid of added text.

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