Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting Creative-Breaking Out of the Box

Yesterday was a really active day... so much going on.  Art workshop in the morning, Petanque in the afternoon, and a life class in the evening.....A lot has been written on how to develop more  creativity and to try to get out of the BOX... well this morning in my art workshop we did just that.... First instead of setting ourselves up in our usual spots, funny how everyone has them, we positioned ourselves in a huge circle around the walls of the auditorium. Heleni then described what we were to do.... first we all brought drawing stuff... charcoals/pencils boards/paper etc....
The exercise was in 4 stages. Each stage we were told what to draw... in  5 MINUTES 
Phase 1  man  woman  man+woman 
Phase 2 bird    ball        bird+ball
Phase 3 chair  flame     chair+flame
Phase 4 man+chair+bird
All drawn from absolutely no references, from our heads. .One other instruction was to get the work to a finished stage.   You can well  imagine the groans.... I worked first on 100x70 cm cutting board with a charcoal stick and then on newsprint paper!. After each phase we turned our easels around and Heleni gave a quick critique of our works,  Some were pretty amazing. Even those that had non drawing skills came through with flying colors.... because mainly it was a question of "concept" more than of the actual subject,
I not going to post all the images..... the first phase was was pretty good....then man less than the other two...

 Second phase was a flop for me... and for most the ball the biggest challenge for most and only a very few got out of the box for this,,,

Phase 3 Only my chair went well, flame  was really nothing special as was chair+flame.... flame was another problem for most.

Phase 5  worked out fairly well...
Bottom line: It was a very productive and tiring art session but really worth the efforts Kudos to Heleni!!!!
Next creative class in a month will be with COLOR

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