Monday, January 3, 2011

WDE Events December

End of 2010 and the beginning of 2011!!! This month I took part in all five events!!!! I really feel that taking part and committing to doing is important.  Some come out OK and some not so well... but I feel more enriched in the process and it's one of the things that I hope to continue in the coming year!!!

  IMPORTANCE that is my word for the coming year... and ART and my process are at the top of my list.
I want to thank all that with their commenting have really encouraged me. Although the platform for these events is not for critiques, I have my art workshop for that, I really appreciate the encouraging feedback.
So here are my December entries starting from last to first.
All images are on my flickr click to enlarge

December 31 hosted by  Jean aka just chaos
You can view mywork: on this  thread
 Done in my brown paper sketch pad .... pencil + crayon



December 24 hosted by Micheal aka  mbecket
My thread on wetcanvas
Brown paper  pencil and crayon 



December 17 Hosted by Alain aka AlainJMy thread on wetcanvas
Brown paper  pencil

 Julie Gael's mother

Same sketch with photoshop tweaking..


December 10 Hosted by Dewi
My thread on wetcanvas
Done on brown paper with  charcoal pencil



December 3rd Hosted by Beth aka  signchick
My thread on wetcanvas

 Little cowboy done on brownish construction paper

Baby done with pencil on  brown paper

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