Monday, January 3, 2011

First Critique since Art School Days

I am really enjoying my new art workshop under the direction of Heleni Shamai.  Tomorrow will be a really big day .... a group critique.. Each of us are bringing 4 works to take part...Haven't had a critique since my art school days at RISD .. Haven't chosen exactly what to bring... I just started this workshop mid-October and mainly have been working on sketches and oil on paper..... I will probably bring the first of my oil on panel portraits plus some oil on paper sketches.....

1 Pencil and oil on construction paper
Original photo of flower vender from Romania


2.Portrait of an Old Woman
Image from wetcanvas image library

3.  Two oil portraits of young Turkish Girl   there is a third planned
Image from free lesson from Art Academy

The first one more or least realistically... with many rubbings out and building on...the scrubbing was left and gave a textured effect to the painting . Sorry for bad photo seems like a glare on right hand side....

The second variation of the same theme using blocked plain areas in a graphic rendition. This is a WIP and don't know if it will be included in the critique.

There will be a third in the series.....

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