Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hello World Member Challenge

One of the forums I take part in is"Hello World" forum. It's a small group mainly interested in photo-shop and other photo editors, study groups. Some of the books being studied are Katrin Eismann's books on restoration, darkroom, and compositing and masking. Hello World is a great place to meet and show off our latest shoots.. pets, software, camera tips, and anything else under the sun... take a look around and join us..

This month Krisse proposed a challenge of fall colors giving two examples from a stock photo site called Freerange .
Everyone is invited to try their hand at it. I decided that it may be a good idea to have a Flikr group so that we can view all the entries together.. I re-learned the use of the art history brush... which I think will be a great tool for my regular painting projects.

Used basically two sources for the art history brush... one that I used a underpainting filter and the original. Made two paint layers.. first with a large brush from the underpainting source and then a smaller brush using the original for putting in more details.
Photo was done by Ron Chan and can be found here.
May try my hand at the second image also by Ron Chan that Krisse gave us. To download images from this site you must register.

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