Thursday, November 26, 2009

Edut-Testimony Program Covers

This summer my art teacher Dov Segev referred me to the Yahud-Monosson city to illustrate a program for Edut-Testimony Theatre. This is a program for high school students and Holocaust survivors to meet and act out the survivors stories. This year Ezra and Irit Dagan worked with the students at the Yahud-Monosson Jr High School. Here are the illustrations that appeared on the program cover and the invitations to the production.

Edut-Testimony Program Cover
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Edut Testimony Back Cover
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The first illustration was based on a oil painting I made of a forest. Cropping and inverting the colors in photo shop... I then added some faces and other images fro the Holocaust.

The back cover photo collage was made up of images from the families of survivors that took part in the program. The whole program in PDF format can be seen here. The top image sketch taken from a photo from March of the Living.

My granddaughter Mor just returned from Poland where she visited many of the camps.

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Debbie said...

Dear Carol,
I love your blog on the Holocaust.
You always do the right thing;to remember and never forget what happened.
Love you all