Monday, February 23, 2009

VSD 2 February 2009

Originally uploaded by Edanim

It has really taken me a while to get my creative juices going again... I am still really missing my sister Asha.... we used to share our art work.

This is fro the February VSD Virtual Sketch Date. The image was supplied by Debbie Later can be found on Flickr. Thanks Debbie for the great image of Lake Louise, Canada.

Oil/wax crayons with turpentine wash on a small 20 x 14.5 canvas. Found this canvas in a $ store in Jerusalem's central bus station....I am certainly going to buy a few more!!!!

The colors are a bit too bright ... am going to see if I can fix it in Photoshop!!!


Norma Vaughn said...

Carol....I really like this and I love the bright colors too. Makes me want to get back into painting, but just can't seem to find the time. Maybe some day. Norma

Gail said...

I wouldn't fix those bright colors because that is exactly how this lake looks on a sunny summer day...the glacial water color is very intense in real life...I had a bit of an advantage with this VSD as I live right next to Banff and Lake Louise is about 90 minutes away (that's close by in Canadian terms)
I really like your painting and applaud your color choices.

Lynn said...

I really like the bright colors. As Gail said, the colors are almost hyper-real, especially the water. I think you did a great job!

TeresaW said...

What an exciting painting. I like the bright fresh feel to the sketch, the oranges an yellows really work well here.

Quilt Knit said...

This is very bright blue. It is well done. enjoy Photshop.

Sherrie Roberts