Sunday, May 18, 2008

WC Weekend Drawing Events April

April 18 2008

Again getting practice in doing portraits I chose the lovely portrait of Mathila's friend. Done in my Canson A4 90grm sketch pad. Done with a 2B mechanical pencil. The tilt of the head was a bit off... but reasonable likeness.

April 11 2008

All done in Canson 90grm A4 sketch pad

That main coast image invited me to try out my Derwent pastel pencils... had a hard time with the grays.... lots to learn with this media
About an hour ..

Darla was a 20 minute sketch, 2B mechanical pencil!!

April 4th 2008

Did three versions of Robin reference. All done in canson 90grm A4 sketch pad.
First I tried out my new sanguine charcoal pencil.... about 20 minutes...
Then I did a fast pencil sketch... about 15 minutes .... and then without the image on my monitor... blotched it with the color.... Lyra watercolor crayons fulfilling the challenge to use our own colors!

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