Sunday, February 3, 2013

Closing The Blog

I have had to make a decision.... can't carry on with 2 blogs... was really getting mixed up with work from my workshop... wde entries... etc etc... so I have decided to continue the new blog that was called  My 120 paintings A Journey to My Journey.   Hope my loyal  followers will join me  there.
Thanks for all your support.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


As you know I visit and take part in the forums on  Wetcanvas.  I love the weekend drawing events-- and the many new webinars  on the wetcanvas live.  The most recent one given by Larry Sailer.   His last session was about the importance of 120 paintings....
Small daily or semi-daily paintings
Mine will include

  • small oils
  • small crayon sketches
  • digital sketches
  • drawings 

So with this in mind.... I started a new BLOG to record my progress.

My larger works that I do in my  art sadna [workshop] will  be posted here!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Portrait of Woman in a Shawl

Oil on canvas 50cmx50cm based on reference in the Wetcanvas reference library by Li aka lisilk

Thanks Li for the great reference... hope I did it justice!!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Wetcanvas Weekend Events for January

Here are my entries for the weekend events for January at WetCanvas.
Starting from the beginning of the month.
Maureen aka Charliesmum hosted the event on January 7th  
First did a quick 30 minute sketch of a few of the tourists in my brown paper sketch pad A4 using Derwent sketch pencils.

The second is a image manipulation of one of the sheep image experimanting with textures and blending modes,,,,the texture used comes from a great collection of free textures by Jerry Jones aka skeletalmess. I used old canvas 5

sheep with texture

Monday, January 3, 2011

First Critique since Art School Days

I am really enjoying my new art workshop under the direction of Heleni Shamai.  Tomorrow will be a really big day .... a group critique.. Each of us are bringing 4 works to take part...Haven't had a critique since my art school days at RISD .. Haven't chosen exactly what to bring... I just started this workshop mid-October and mainly have been working on sketches and oil on paper..... I will probably bring the first of my oil on panel portraits plus some oil on paper sketches.....

1 Pencil and oil on construction paper
Original photo of flower vender from Romania


2.Portrait of an Old Woman
Image from wetcanvas image library

3.  Two oil portraits of young Turkish Girl   there is a third planned
Image from free lesson from Art Academy

The first one more or least realistically... with many rubbings out and building on...the scrubbing was left and gave a textured effect to the painting . Sorry for bad photo seems like a glare on right hand side....

The second variation of the same theme using blocked plain areas in a graphic rendition. This is a WIP and don't know if it will be included in the critique.

There will be a third in the series.....

WDE Events December

End of 2010 and the beginning of 2011!!! This month I took part in all five events!!!! I really feel that taking part and committing to doing is important.  Some come out OK and some not so well... but I feel more enriched in the process and it's one of the things that I hope to continue in the coming year!!!

  IMPORTANCE that is my word for the coming year... and ART and my process are at the top of my list.
I want to thank all that with their commenting have really encouraged me. Although the platform for these events is not for critiques, I have my art workshop for that, I really appreciate the encouraging feedback.
So here are my December entries starting from last to first.
All images are on my flickr click to enlarge

December 31 hosted by  Jean aka just chaos
You can view mywork: on this  thread
 Done in my brown paper sketch pad .... pencil + crayon



December 24 hosted by Micheal aka  mbecket
My thread on wetcanvas
Brown paper  pencil and crayon 



December 17 Hosted by Alain aka AlainJMy thread on wetcanvas
Brown paper  pencil

 Julie Gael's mother

Same sketch with photoshop tweaking..


December 10 Hosted by Dewi
My thread on wetcanvas
Done on brown paper with  charcoal pencil



December 3rd Hosted by Beth aka  signchick
My thread on wetcanvas

 Little cowboy done on brownish construction paper

Baby done with pencil on  brown paper

Thursday, December 9, 2010

WDE Events November

I have been pretty lazy in updating my blog.... I usually take part in the weekend drawing events on Wetcanvas.... posting some my entries for November.

Weekend of November 5 Hosted by Lin aka oldrockchick
Brown Paper sketch book A4 21x29.5 drawing pen +white crayon
Little sketches of all the references

 click to enlarge

Weekend of November 19 Hosted by Kat aka scattykat
Brown Paper sketch book A4 21x29.5 pencil and pastel pencils
Sketches are 10x15  Fiddler done on full page..

click on images to enlarge

Weekend of November26 Hosted by Catherine aka catherine1

Just a few gesture sketches from the references... A4 21x29.5 brown paper sketch pad
HB Derwent pencil

click image to enlarge